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Dave in Maine

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Dave in Maine

Apparently the people who make the Big Green Egg (I know it's been discussed here before) have teamed up with Hamm's beer for a promotion themed around "Green Eggs and Hamm's".  An article from the internet:  https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/restaurantsandnews/green-eggs-and-hamm-s-promotion-offers-a-free-grill-to-innovative-beer-enthusiasts/ar-BB17vUSr?ocid=msedgntp


There's a free grill at the end of that rainbow.


From the article:


Here’s how to enter, as noted in the press release:

To enter the contest, one must follow both @hammsthebeer and @biggreenegg on Instagram, and share a photo or video showing what makes them a HAMMpion of the grill, tagging @hammsthebeer and using #greeneggandhamms and #contest. Additional contest details can be found at @hammsthebeer on Instagram."

I didn't bother to find the press release because (a) Hamm's is not available here in Maine to my knowledge and (b) my current living arrangement precludes any use for a Big Green Egg.  So I won't be entering.


I will say, though, that there is a real dish called "Green Eggs".   Saw Iron Chef Batali cook it on TV once.  It's actually pretty simple.  Go into the herb garden and grab a bunch of whatever herbs are currently in season.  I tend to like a combination of basil (lots), thyme, parsley, sorrel, chives and whatever else can't move fast enough to get away from me.  Chop them up pretty finely.  Scramble some eggs, mix the herbs into the eggs and cook like ordinary scrambled eggs. Use butter.  Serve some nice ham alongside it and you indeed have Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I Am.  With or without, they're darn good.


Probably will match up well with some Hamm's too.  Breakfast at a walleye camp.  

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