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Howdy Fellas, I'm new to the forum and happy to be here.    Small background of myself, I live in the bird-poor state of South Carolina.  It has been both my great fortune and misfortune to have been raised partly by my grandfather who loved all things bird and waterfowl hunting.  I make a special effort to blame him when my wife complains about my large inventory of hunting apparel and accessories. I grew up on stories of quail hunting "in the old days" and, when I was younger, perused photo albums of my grandfather's trips to the bird-rich lands of the mid/northwest. When I got older, I was fortunate enough to make a trip or two with him before he passed and I regret deeply having not done it more. 


Because I can't always get out and hunt with my bird dogs as much as I would like, I often live vicariously through the writers and story-tellers that have done such an excellent job in portraying the thing I hold so dearly.    In an effort to pass my summertime blues and envy of others I have started a short-story of sorts.  I have been told by very biased family members that it is decent but I would like to put it under the microscope of those of you who are far more avid. I hope you will find it a fun read and take you back to some of your own favorite hunts.     I welcome all critiques and admonishments. 


I plan to be back up north this fall doing more "research" as I described it to my wife. 



Here is the link:    "The Old Man and Jake"



Thanks fellas. 

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