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A tongue mass and gastro issues ???

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We had some health issues with our two dogs (12 yr old Labrador Retriever (Lab) and 5 yr old Braque Francais (BF)) - which seem to be resolved, but no real sense of what the problem was.  I am hoping someone here has seen something similar, and can put a name to it.  (Google searching has been fruitless!)  I have some pictures to help.
Late March – first noticed a lump on the Lab’s tongue.
3 April 2020 – first picture because the lump was more evident but difficult to see, with it in the back of the throat.  With COVID - we put off a vet visit as they were closed.


16 May 2020 – a follow up picture. The lump still growing became a concern, and the Lab was noticeably changing her behaviour; slowing down, not eating breakfast readily.  We booked her a vet appointment.



20 May 2020 – bloodwork and the vet physical exam noted a concern for pancreatitis.  The pancreas panel came back critically high.
23 May 2020 – the Lab is started on a low fat diet.  The tongue mass has become a secondary concern to the pancreatitis.
24 May 2020 – the BF starts snubbing his breakfast, but eats later in the day.
The Lab responds well to the low fat diet and is eating regularly.
Mid-June – the BF is still snubbing breakfast, and is gurgling quite loudly from the gut.  He eats late in the morning and this settles the noise. He still eats dinner regularly. (The dogs routine is two meals, one at 7 am and one at 5 pm.)
30 June 2020 – the BF is now not eating routinely.  He is brought to the vet for bloodwork.  Remind the clinic we are still concerned at the Lab’s tongue mass, and ask for a surgery consult.
4 July 2020 – the BF fasts for a pancreas panel, and has also started to experience diarrhea.  He is prescribed 7 days of Metronidazole.


5 July 2020 – the BF improves quite quickly.

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8 July 2020 – Surgery consult.
9 July 2020 – New picture of tongue mass – quite large at this point.



12 July 2020 – the Lab begins to experience very watery diarrhea.
13 July 2020 – Call vet about the Lab.  The BF then also starts to have mucousy diarrhea.  The Lab is prescribed 10 days of Metronidazole and the BF a further 7 days.  The BF also starts the low fat diet to control the diarrhea.
20 July 2020 – New picture of tongue mass – and there seems to be a significant shrinking.  Also notice the Lab’s bad breath has disappeared.  We had been noticing it for a couple of months and had chalked it up to her age and stage in life.



20 July 2020 – the BF finished his Metronidazole and is back to what we would consider normal behaviour, and eating regularly.  The Lab has more energy and is eating regularly.  The Lab has two more days of her prescription.


22 July 2020 - I note to the vet the positive change in the tongue mass, and we get another ten days of the Metronidazole prescription.
26 Aug 2020 - the tongue mass is gone - no need for a surgical removal (phew!)  Both dogs are back to normal eating habits (the Lab on a low fat diet).


So - what happened?  What got into the two of them?



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16 hours ago, UplandHntr said:

What in the?? Ive never seen a growth like that so Im dang glad its gone!

I'm glad it's gone too!


But I still have no idea what it was and whether it was related to other problems.  The vets did not offer up any ideas either.  I was hoping somewhere within the vast dog backgrounds of UJ someone has a clue as to what this was.

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HOLY CRAP  that scared the sheet outta me . Glad it's over but I can't imagine what you went through . I am still curious . 

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Interesting, will have to ask my wife when she gets home if she has any ideas. Definitely curious and glad its over. 


Well she got home right as I was typing this so I asked, one possibility is a hemotoma, if they stay irritated they can grow like that, another possibility is herpes. 

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On 9/1/2020 at 9:26 PM, ESetterSage said:

Glad you figured it, scary stuff when our babies are sick I know. 

Well we got lucky with the Metronidazole, but we still don't know what we were dealing with.

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