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Eating well on trip

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Last year I took a ten day trip to Da UP, and two weeks to Montana. The UP trip was warmer and earlier, both dog didn’t  eat well. The second trip about two weeks later, both dogs ate fantastic. The second trip I added canned food to their nightly rations, I’m sure it helped.


The question, or opinion, I believe they ate better because they were now in much better shape on the second trip. Sure the canned food helped, but at the end of the day,  those dogs, while tired, had enough reserves to want and need to eat, really Wolfed it down, seldom leaving any.

The last week of the Montana hunt, they would be putting on15-20 miles a day, granted, the next day I’d run them 25% or so, not always.

I added PP canned to Diamond extreme athlete. The other fellas dog, first hunt of the year, Montana trip, was well out of shape, and gas. He picked up some type of meat packed in a tube from Miejers, it would hardly eat. It would however, go after the leftovers in my dishes if there were any. I’d think the PP would be better for a dog than meat in a tube.


Whats your experience been?

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I am not an expert but it is my understanding that dogs need fat for energy. More is better especially when on the road and hunting hard. DEA is a quality food specifically developed for hunting dogs. Adding canned food sometimes helps getting them to eat more but Extreme Athlete is fine on its own. Bottom line is you were feeding your dogs what they needed to hunt and recover. The other guy wasn't doing his dog any favors. The food he bought is simply insufficient for what you were doing coupled with an out of shape dog. An engine can't run without fuel. 

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I always check their daily food and water intake.  I also like to use a topper (wet dog food) when on a long trip to make sure they eat their food.  I like ProPlan for their dry food and will usually pick up a couple cans of ProPlan or something similar for a topper.


My male setter doesn’t drink as much water as my female.  I’ve thought about some of water additives but haven’t tried any as of yet.

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