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My old GSP Abby turned 14 last month and for the most part has been healthy her whole life.  She’s a sweetheart and I love her dearly, she was a good hunter and is a great friend.  Within the last few days, it seems as if she is not acting right.  Two nights ago, I let her and the other dogs out and she didn’t come back in.  It was nice so I didn’t think too much about it but a half hour later she was still missing.  I went out and called for her but she didn’t come which is unusual.  I found her lying in the grass just looking around. She wouldn’t come to me when I called and ran away like she didn’t know me.  Last night, they were all out for a half hour before I went to bed but when I woke, I found pee and poop on the floor.  After I cleaned it up, I looked at the security camera and found it was Abby and she made the mess an hour after we went to bed.  She has never done this before unless she was sick in her entire life.  It’s nice here this morning so I have the door open and they are running in and out.  She just came in from being outside and squatted and peed.  Yesterday she seemed like she was lost in the house.  We had all of them at the vet last month for shots and he couldn’t believe she was as old as she was.

We will get her to the vet this week to have her checked.  She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and moves around fine.  She lying on the floor at my feet sleeping as I type this.  I suppose it could be some kind of infection but she doesn’t have the signs of that being the case.  My wife things she has dementia since she couldn’t figure out how to get out of the house the other day.  Has anyone else had something like this happen before?

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Sorry to hear about Abby. Our 13.5 female Sonja has had similar problems.She was diagnosed with a uti , antibiotics cut down

on the frequency of peeing. It seemed like once the infection cleared up , the odd laying down behavior went away.

She is pretty much blind and dealing with congestive heart failure so maybe not exactly the same as Abby.

Good luck to Abby and keep us updated.


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