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Iconic western movies.

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This is one scene  that almost everyone remembers  

The Wild Bunch is one of my favorites, as well. As are:   The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Hombre The Searchers The Shootist Fort Apache The Magnificent Seven S

I love most all of them, but my warped mind tells me I must cast a vote for "Blazing Saddles" with "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" a close second.

Absolute favourite...the Lonesome Dove mini-series, then...

Open Range

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Little Big Man


and for some Canadian content,


The Gray Fox



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3 hours ago, jeff88 said:

Same with Wind River.  Both are Taylor Sheridan films, both have great casts and really good stories from the modern "west."  He pulled together Yellowstone too.  

Totally forgot Wind River was his as well and I should have remembered because when It came out they said “From the director of Hell or High Water” or something to that affect.  Made me instantly want to see it.  Another good flick.  

And I had no idea he did Yellowstone.  Seen the first season and liked it. 

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Cheyenne Social Club was entertaining.  

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I watched "Wind River" on TV last night.  It seemed like it had half the "Yellowstone" cast in it.  Alas, no Beth though...SelbyLowndes

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"In Pursuit of Honor"


Don Johnson - surprisingly good and little known.  Give it a view if you can.

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Ben Hong

One of the most iconic actors in the history of cinema - Chief Dan George of the Salis Nation in British Columbia. Endeavour to persevere.


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Ben's last post reminded me of another. Again, not a classic, but a good one from the early 90's.


Geronimo: An American Legend

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For me my favorites are by category 


High Noon -Classic

Silverado - Pure Fun Entertainment 

Blazing Saddles - Comedy. 


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