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Otto Noizebarrier review and questions

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7 hours ago, blanked said:


what do you use them for if not hunting


Sporting Clays and skeet. I shoot a lot. At least in good years.

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I have the Walkers Silencer 2.0 they work and they do block the sound of a shot but at the same time they muffle the sound of the beeper while the dog is on point not sure if I like them or not.  They have a App that is used to control the earbuds BUT the app is not stable enough to work with them that is a big complaint from Walker users.


The search continues

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Well i tried out my new otto for the first time today. On the high mode i couldnt get any protection with the gun going off . Loud clap next to ear no supression either.   Great amplification though

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Just bumping this for more reports.

Also hoping the manufacturer is reading this and realizes that inability to hear flushes is a deal killer for many of us. I would assume it is possible to make a software change and correct this.

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Vermonster:  I used my new OTTOs Saturday for Michigan's northern lower peninsula duck opener.


For that purpose I highly recommend them.  On the standard setting I could hear everything I need for waterfowl.  On the high setting I could hear wood ducks whistling around in the dark with stunning clarity.


The problem remains that the high setting is just too high.  A song bird tweeting near me was far too loud.  I only used then setting here and there during slow periods out of curiosity.


They didn't drop 3" and 3.5" 12 gauge blast as much as my Predator Golds, but did a good job.


I'll have them back in the grouse woods next weekend for another try.


I wish there was a middle ground between the Lo and Hi setting.




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Hey I've been trading emails with OTTO.  Thought I'd post this response about the high setting that just came in:


Good morning Brent,


Both questions are somewhat the same so hopefully this one answer will fit the bill.


Yes, they suppress the gunfire sounds the same in hi or low mode. The high mode is meant to increase the “floor” of your hearing so it just brings up those hard to hear or far away sounds. You’ll notice that you can still have a conversation with someone standing right next to you while in high mode but it doesn’t sound like they’re yelling at you. This is again because it brings up the “floor” but isn’t raising the “ceiling” of your hearing. In either mode, the electronics begin compressing sounds above 85dB. Once the sound level reaches 125dB the electronics cut out altogether and the Micro then acts as a standard earplug. However, The rebound rate for the electronics is fast enough that you don’t physically hear the “shut down” effect like you do with most other electronic hearing protection.


I hope this helps answer your questions. If you or the others in the forum have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.


Thank you,


Christian Smith

Tactical Sales Specialist


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Crazy Setter

Some real world experiences of mine.


I bought these not too not long ago for hearing protection for shooting clays. They work great for that and love having situational awareness while shooting. Could not be happier with them for pulse noise suppression. Nothing is too loud.


Bonus:  I brought them up to try out while grouse hunting. In low I had no problem hearing flushes at all. I even heard a couple walking away from me through the leaves. I put them on high and that would not work for me. I could hear everything loud but it was sensory overload LOL. I think I heard every leaf in the woods. I will not use high much. Pulse suppression in high mode was not an issue.


Con:  I would like a middle amplification too . Low is good but high is too much for me. Someone with more hearing loss might enjoy the high mode though. 


Summary:  I am very happy that I bought them. They are well made. They hold a charge for all day hunting and.they are comfortable. They work great in the woods on low. 



Would I recommend them to a friend ? Yes







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