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Prescribed Burns and Appalachian Grouse

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Cooter Brown

In many of the areas I hunt the feral/wild pig population is out of hand.  My gut tells me that there are very few things a pig would rather snack on than a nest full of eggs, and pigs certainly have nose and the smarts to find them.

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For the predator non believers:   Let me review quickly what I believe  is the history of ruffed grouse in southern app for last 150 years .  Grouse were NOT plentiful way back there in virgin fo

I have been patient for now the better part of a lifetime. Fire wont cut it in the east.  Never has. Reality is the mountains were homes , farms, timberlands before the forests were created. The edge

9000+ acre fire in my area ive seen 0 benefit after 3-4 years. Clear/ regeneration cutting is the only method I have seen any real change from. It must start there. 

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On 10/12/2020 at 11:38 AM, UplandVirginia said:

Thanks for the information, everyone. Let’s see if I can put it to good use this weekend for the WV opener!

How did it go?

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Allen McCallie

I camped out this past weekend in the NC mountains and hunted for about three hours in one of my favorite haunts, where 20-plus years ago I had 17 grouse contacts on one afternoon and killed three. I should have retired then.


This time I had no bird contacts; not really a surprise.


What I did have were coyote contacts. In our tent on Saturday night we were treated to a coyote chorus from 2:30 AM until just after sunrise. From 360 degrees of the compass and from every elevation of the surrounding mountains. Must have been many many dozens of 'yotes out there.  While I love this sound, it is relatively new in these mountains, and I cannot imagine a ground-nesting bird has any chance. 

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7 hours ago, GraceinVA said:

How did it go?

Walked around 3 miles in it with 0 action. Left and went to a 10 year old clear cut. 2 woodcock flushes and still no grouse. Heard plenty of them drumming though just to taunt me, I think. 

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mister grouse
On 10/7/2020 at 12:44 PM, quailguy said:


What about volunteer help I asked, DU,

Not sure I understand your issue , as DU has zero goals in terms of clear cutting and burns and timbering on national forest??

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