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Astro 900 turning off my Dogtra E-Collar...

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I bought a new Dogtra 3502X two dog system and ran it the first time out West paired with my Astro 900 GPS collars. The Dogtra collars kept inexplicably turning off while running. These Dogtras have a push button on/off rather than the magnet contact. I assumed the collars contacting each other was causing the shutdown as it happened intermittently. I use the page function to turn the dogs at a distance. More than a little frustrating when the collar's off.

Fast forward to yesterday and playing around with both collars together I figured out that if the antenna side of the Astro collar is against the Dogtra it shuts it off in about a minute. Not sure how or why but it's consistent.

If I run the collars with both "lights" facing toward and the antenna on the side away from Dogtra collar everything is fine.

Ran both dogs today and no issues

The 3500 series new in the Dogtra line. Wasn't an issue with my 2300NCP.

I'm going to let Dogtra know. Hopefully save someone some headaches...

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