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I am an upland hunter....

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1 hour ago, walt lister said:

Many years ago I realized that I was missing too many first shots and hitting with the second shot. Why?? Rushing !!  Made up my mind to take an extra half second or so to get on the bird and after making myself do that my first shot hits did improve. Since I hunt mostly open desert it doesn't have the dense woods like back east so the small hesitation to be sure I'm on target isn't a problem. 


This is me exactly.  Two years ago Sophie slammed a Rooster in some thick stuff.  I went in for the flush and up he came.  Could have almost killed him with a baseball bat he was that close.  I pulled up and Bang Bang and missed both.  I realized he was so close, that my first shot was at about 15 feet and my second shot at 30 feet.  If I would have had a third shot I could have killed him, or at least launched another round him within 25 yards as he was still that close.  I was just so hopped up that she had pinned a runner that I didn't hold up my end of the bargain.   

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GB Jack
2 hours ago, Treerooster said:

What you need then is excuses that pertain more to grouse hunting.


If NH is anything like Wis you can't use the sun. It really doesn't shine and the best you get is a fuzzy ball of light when the clouds thin a bit. But that only lasts for a few minutes. So that's out.


But there are plenty more.


You are supposed to keep your feet at 10 & 2 o'clock when shooting or some such nonsense. Tell that to a guy that only hunts grouse and he won't even understand. On my last shot the left foot was at 7:23 and the right wasn't even on the clock. It was pointed straight up.


Keep you feet firmly planted flat on the ground. Yeah ok. I've been walking for 45 minutes and my feet have come down flat on the ground exactly 11 times. I'm always stepping on a branch (or log), or rock, or stub, or in a hole, or sinking in muck or who knows what.


You shouldn't notice the bead on your gun. Uh huh...sure. How about when I pull my gun up and there is a stick or weed laying across the barrel. We won't even mention clumps of snow on the barrel.


Remember to follow through and don't stop you gun swing. Well the sapling I was pushing with the barrel just wouldn't bend anymore.



Those should hold ya for a day or 2.

I’m crying , this was me all season , I know it’s bad when I pull a neck muscle because im stretching so far in one direction to get around a conifer 

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