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SOS from handheld (inReach) device saves man

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Here is my monthly invoice. $12.95 

I leave mine activated year round so when we are kayaking off the grid or are in the Sandhills where there is no cellphone service during the summer we have it. It’s a little over $150 per year paid monthly. I didn’t see a break if you paid it all at once.

As far as the lack of quality, I don’t see that. It was easy to set up on line and I didn’t have any trouble. Activating my SPOT was much more difficult.  
I carry mine on my left shoulder on my strap vest and luckily so far have only sent preset messages to my wife that tell her that I’m fine or I will be late. I haven’t needed the SOS feature.


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just used mine for the first time last week in the NM wilderness. I was hunting solo for a week with absolutely no cell coverage. Never needed the SOS, but my wife would say the price was worth every penny just to have me be able to check in, as well as troubleshoot remotely the things that always go wrong when I'm gone (hot water heater and sewer line backup this time☹️)


I went with the short term unlimited text ($60) and we could communicate as much as needed. Now that I'm no longer in the wilderness, will keep it on just the minimal plan for the rest of hunting season, then disable it until another trip comes up. 

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