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RGS Article in Forbes Magazine Today

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It's a very positive article about increased cutting being an effective habitat management tool.



What this 15,000-member organization, comprised mostly of devout bird hunters, is up against is the common perception that cutting trees is bad for the environment.



“Humans have eliminated many natural factors that rejuvenate forests; beavers seen as a nuisance, fires snuffed out, storms more likely to impact human developments than initiate new forest growth and the like. To keep our forests healthy, we now have to emulate natural disturbances through forest management. People often equate the destruction of the Amazon rainforest or logging of old growth redwoods with all forests,” says Jones, “but when it comes to many of the timberlands of North America, cutting trees is not only good for forest renewal, it’s beneficial to many species of wildlife from deer, turkeys and grouse to myriad neotropical birds, butterflies, and other animals. This is to say nothing of mitigating the impacts of invasive pests, disease and forest fires.”


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