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MONTANA,The Magazine of Western History--Pheasant History Article/Autumn 2020

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mister grouse

Wonderfully informative article about the history of pheasant in Montana, and the rest of the country generally, in the current Autumn Issue  .  Title is "On The Wing", and author is Cole Wandler.  Unfortunately there is not a current link to the article that I can find.  I have enjoyed the magazine for years, and this article is particularly interesting to any one who bird hunts, and especially those who have experienced it in Montana.  


The article tracks the introduction of the chinese pheasant all over the US, both successes and failures . Emphasis on Montana introductions, of course, but a detailed  over view of the  nationwide introduction process is presented.  The Montana Warm Springs game farm produced large numbers of birds from 1929 through 1983 and receives much of the focus later in the article.  


Suggest you try to find a copy of autumn issue  or perhaps later find a link .

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