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Lately, many if not all Members have been experiencing Server Errors coded as 500, 502, 503 and 504 when on the Board. These have become more prevalent lately and are now chronic... and are due to the need for major Upgrades in the Board Software to remain compatible with the Cloud Hosting.


I am guilty of putting this off too long. Why? Because these Upgrades are a huge PIA to deal with from an Administration standpoint, and disrupt Member accounts and activity. I hate to say it but us UJers aren’t necessarily the most digitally savvy bunch. This is in fact an older demographic. 

I can’t wait any longer. I am in contact with the Board Support and expect the Upgrades to be performed as soon as today, over the weekend or maybe at beginning of next week. 

The Board will be Closed/Offline prior, during, and after the Upgrade. I’m not sure if the usual Offline Message will even be viewable during this. It may take me some time to familiarize myself with the new functions, and clean up a huge mess. Previously Posted photos may be impacted as well as many other things.


When back Online and if experiencing issues, we will deal with it on a case to case basis. I am the sole owner, administrator and Moderator and this is in the middle of Maine hunting seasons. So please be patient and understand I’m a bit of a Luddite myself and dealing with this digital Upland Online Covert we hang out in is stressful enough.

Thanks in advance for your loyalty and understanding and patience. I understand how important UJ is to many people.


See you all, I hope, on the other side.

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