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If Having Trouble Signing-In to Board

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A small number of Members have recently had issues signing-in to the Board since the Upgrade a week or so ago.


Here is why and here is how to fix it.

I had the UJ Board switched from an old http URL to a secure https URL (SSL Certificate) a month ago prior to the Upgrade. The Host/Software redirected the old http URL (Bookmarks etc) to the new one. For the vast majority of Members this worked fine and they didn't need to do anything. 


Then I had the Software Upgrade performed a week or so ago, and soon after some Members were unable to sign-in and were getting error notices etc. I contacted Support and they found that the secure URL and redirect hadn’t copied over with the Upgrade. That was corrected, and most issues disappeared.


If some Members are still experiencing issues with signing in, they need go to the new secure Board URL: https://uplandjournal.ipbhost.com, and they should be able to sign-in, or may already be signed-in. They should then save a new UJ Bookmark if that is what they use to open the Board from their Browser.


Rather than add to this Topic, I would prefer that Members contact me via Message, email or the Board Contact function if still having issues. 


Thank you all for your patience during Board Software Upgrades. Trust me, I lose weight from the stress.



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