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Georgia Buck


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I hadn't pulled the trigger on a deer for three years, so last evening I decided to fill the freezer for the Winter.  As some of you know, I have a middle GA farm with lots of big deer.  I haven't hun

My one year-old grandson got his first deer yesterday afternoon, or maybe I should say, saw his first deer after my son shot one and brought it home. Either way, it was fun for both.  I doubt it wil

Since son John dragged out my deer last week, I let him sit in my ground blind today and he bagged this nice 8 pt. about 9:00 this morning...SelbyLowndes  

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I think I get as much satisfaction videoing and taking pics of deer as I do when shooting one. Maybe one day I'll try using something besides just my phone.  You don't have to mess with them and you can then save the buck for someone else. I've gotten a lot of really nice bucks on video this season. Here's one from this afternoon as he tended his scrape. 

Sorry for the vid being unsteady, but holding an iphone up to the lens of my binoculars without a rest gets you this. 😃  Anyway, you don't regularly see a buck doing his thing during daylight hours. 





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12 hours ago, OldSarge said:

Cool double throat patch on that buck. 


I'm glad you mentioned that. I was wondering yesterday if this was the same buck that I saw and got a picture of in the exact same spot on Oct 24th.  In looking back at the pics of the October deer, it's clear that the buck then did not have that double patch.  You have helped clear that up. 


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