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Out With Old, In With The New

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This July I went and picked up a GWP pup (Wally-whelped 5/20/20). My 10 year old WPG (Charlie) is slowing down and developing arthritis in his back legs. I figured this season would be the old boy’s last and an opportunity to get the pup some bird contacts. I had low expectations. 

Well, Charlie must have taken exception to the succession plan that was in motion. He has had his best season of his career. Pointing, tracking, retrieving, and just hunting hard. 


The youngster is exceeding expectations as well. Hell, he’s 6 months old. What could I expect?


I knew it’d be fun working with and training the new pup. I didn’t expect the old dog to produce like he has. 

 I fish for steelhead a lot here in the Pacific Northwest. There are plenty of days of you just don’t catch a fish. I told my friend last year that I’d derived a formula for enjoyment while fishing (which I probably stole from someone else): enjoyment is inversely proportional to one’s expectations. 

This formula can be (and probably should be) applied to bird hunting, and pretty much anything else. I guess the challenge now is not let the expectations grow to the point they smother the enjoyment.


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1 hour ago, DrJay said:


Happy Dog!, I like nothing better than to see an Oldster having a Banner Day in the field. The longer you keep them involved the better for all concerned as long as 

activities are kept reasonable.

      Nice Day and nice pictures.

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That is some thick cover nice to see the Old guy doing the job and showing the new guy what's what

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