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Haven’t been to my lease in MS yet but I had a group of friends go over to it two weeks ago and they said snows and specs were everywhere. I’m out of Indianola MS. 

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When I duck hunted hot and heavy in eastern AR back in the 70s-90s, specklebellies were rare.  As the 90s progressed, they became more abundant, but the last 20 years or so has seen the species become common in east AR.  The maps associated with the attached article will show trends in spec migration over the past several decades.  A quick look at numbers suggested that AR killed about 7,000 specs in 1995 and around 75,000 in recent years.

Understanding Waterfowl: Tracking the White-Fronted Goose Migration (ducks.org)


Arkansas has always had a lot of commercial waterfowl hunting, but most of that before around 2000 was associated with mallard ducks.  Now, commercial guides also hunt specs a lot.


For that matter, snow and blue geese are much more abundant in AR than they were back in my heavy duck hunting days also.

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