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Can You See Them?

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Thanks for the responses.


Brad is correct, and the scrub oaks and heavy pines make things challenging. I really did question my sightings with the color blind issue. And having done this for 50 years, I do know what to look for. Still hunting is impossible.


Our varying size group stands/pushes the woods. The "group" has at least 13 deer thus far, with one week left to go. Almost all deer have been running. This is an excellent season for us.


Personally, my next deer is in 19 years since I got one last year....the buck without antlers..."A Boy Name Sue!" I will be 90 years old!


I skipped the crusty snow fall in our area this past week because I cannot walk in this stuff.


Actually looking forward to Christmas rain and snow being gone. But others persevere and did well.

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In the first picture the focus is so soft it’s difficult but it appears there is one peeking around the second tree left of your mirror . In the second I see one moving left to right in the center of the pic.   In the third picture there’s on coming head on to the camera near the center.  Do I win anything or am I entered into a drawing to win something


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