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Restoring longleaf pines

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On 1/3/2021 at 6:45 AM, GLS said:

Here are two excellent videos on the history and secrets of the longleaf forest.  In the Ole Miss video, Janisse Ray narrates a portion.  Janisse wrote Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, a book alternating chapters between her growing up the daughter of a Pentecostal minister while living in a Baxley, Ga., junkyard, with writing about the history of the longleaf.  Janisse's book was award winning in nature writing.  Stephen Bodio taught her in a writers' workshop decades ago and the class coined her the "Swamp Witch" in tribute to her spell-binding narration of her writing.


Secrets of the Longleaf Pine Video Link

Ole Miss Longleaf Film



I just finished watching both of those; really enjoyed them.  Both give great insight into the ecosystem while focusing on different things; the economic motivation for the massive post-civil war timber harvest in one and the need for environmental recovery and protection in the other.  After watching these, it becomes almost shocking, or at a minimum sad, when you realize the historic significance of the habitat lost.  Was glad to see that quail hunting was recognized as a key contributor to retaining much of what is left of the ecosystem in the South. 


Interestingly enough, we decided today to cancel a wild bird field trial scheduled for February 5-6 at my farm due to COVID.   As a result, rather than wait until Fall of 2021 to thin some pine trees, I've decided to explore doing it ASAP. Some of that thinning will be in stands of longleaf pine.  This portion of the timber management will have a big impact on these sections, all of which should be very beneficial to the some of species of plants and animals (including quail) mentioned in these videos. Of course, the opening of the canopy and the additional sunlight flowing through will allow the grasses and ground cover to suddenly flourish, and is a treat that I am really excited about as we head towards the spring and summer months.  

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