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2021 Photo thread.

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Yesterday's run.  It was cold - there was ice even in the little fast-flowing brook that leads up to the mountain:


1-24-21 - Ice on the brook


The bitter, icy water didn't stop the dogs from playing in the brook or swimming in the lake.  Joy:


1-24-21 - Joy in the brook



Bliss by the lake - about half covered with ice:


1-24-21 - Bliss by the lake


Sunset through the woods as we made our way back home:


1-24-21 - Late day at the lake


I'm very glad to have the energy and strength to do this kind of thing.  I had worked at the gun club from about 7 AM until about 2 PM yesterday and figured I'd be exhausted, but I wasn't.  We are gradually shaking off the weakness from the damn Covid.

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This was Christmas morning, from our deck.

Grouse28 asked me to post this pic of his handsome male setter, Jack:    

Always a good day when I can get out hunting with my son and grandson, and my faithful pooch. (Son took photo).   

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I have worked in some high places in my career, even in one of those crane buckets before.  But you won’t see me signing up for this job any time soon. 






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See if you can find Axe in this photo . This is porky central as you can see the tree's chewed all around him. I don't know what the ruffled grouses like about this type cover and wondered if they felt safe with all the porky's about ....



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