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Thoughts on Filson Upland jacket?

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I use mine for waterfowling, works great. Wouldn't wear it upland as I'm hiking too much. Some are dismissive of waxed cotton as an outdoor fabric compared to modern fabrics.  I use filson waxed cotton chaps exclusively. None of the synthetic fabrics are as durable or as silent.  Say what you want about waxed cotton, I'm less noisy with it than with cordura or other synthetics.  Regardless of the criticism, waxed cotton works better longer than any Gore-Tex I've owned.  In my youth I was a Utah and Idaho ski bum, climbing bum, and whitewater bum. I've got many thousands of days in Gore-Tex under my belt.  I wouldn't wear waxed cotton waders, but as a coat in inclement weather, or as chaps on a frosty day, the fabric holds its own. 

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I have this jacket in tin cloth. As mentioned pocket capacity is great. Needs to be 20F or below for me to wear it though if I'm going to be moving as it is heavy and doesn't breathe 

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I like the filson tin cloth stuff.   I have a tin cloth upland jacket(shorter version not the longer waterfowl version) and I like it when i need it.   It's not a 60 degree plus weather jacket.  

It excels in these areas....

Thick cover,

 Cooler weather rain/ sleet/ snow,

When hunting thick cover with snow on branches,

Cold and windy conditions.

And if you cut firewood in the winter it's great also.


For layering I keep it simple.  Wicking type short sleeve T under longsleeve canvas shooting type shirt for early season. Then cooler temp it goes long sleeve thermal under the shooting shirt. then as temps drop it'll be a wool vest. If colder it'll be 2 layers of thermals, shooting shirt and wool vest.  The tin jacket can go with any of these layers as the temp dictates. 

I hardly ever rewax my filson stuff.  



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I had the exact dilemma you did, so this will be a bit of a ramble... 


When I first started upland hunting, I was only interested in big heavy canvas/duck/tincloth type material.  Thinking it needed to be absolutely bomb proof against the briars.  I think I ultimately settled, at the time, on a browning heavy canvas coat...but have experience with the Filson as well.  I ran it for 1-2 years, and learned quickly that technology is your friend.  Yes, you will be absolutely impervious to briars/thorns/thickets.  You will also be extremely clammy (no breathability), much stiffer than other options, very heavy...albeit water repellent.


Everyone has what works for them...but after a lot of trial and error...I really would recommend running some type of strap vest (p.s. the Filson tin cloth strap vest is a great very simple option...though I would say the Orvis waxed cotton vest beats it.....both are outpaced by Pyke's Wingman for sleeker design and Final Rise for chuckar hunting types).  It just gives you unlimited options for layering and wearing what you need for that hunt.  There's a lot of great options out there this year -- specifically Pyke gear.  Will the Tongass shirt be as impervious to briars as Tin Cloth?  No.  But I have taken that pullover through some very nasty areas and been shocked with how well it comes out.  And to be honest if there's anything that would puncture that shirt...I have NO interest in walking through it any way.  The Strap vest gives you the option to completely customize what you need to wear for that hunt.  For me, smart layering that's an athletic fit (Im no slim jim) with a strap vest is the way to go.



If you are absolutely intent on wearing a jacket system and not a strap vest...I would recommend the Cabelas Instinct jacket.  Waterproof/Windproof but still very breathable for what it is.  More than enough protection.  And it's smartly made with pockets in the right places, D rings in the right spots, etc etc.  And it's cheaper...


I'm a big fan of Filson for general work wear type products.  But when it comes to Hunting outerwear,  I think there's a little left to be desired...and you're going to pay top dollar.  They just aren't at the same level as other companies out there...where you can tell the product is designed BY upland hunters.

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Richard Hale

I wore one for years. 

They get STIFF when it’s cold.  

I used it as a shield twice when I saw someone shooting in my direction and it blocks #6 shot from 65 yards like raindrops. 

Very noisy if that matters.


Heavy if that matters. 


I was not bothered by heat but mst of my hunting is cold weather central and upper Midwest. 

The green wool collar will eat a hole in your neck. You can cut the wool lining off. Helps a lot. 

I used it later for barb wire fence repairing jobs. Perfect for that. Carries all the tools, protects from brush and barb. 


You can never wear one out but likely will wish it would so you could get a new modern one. 

I think mine is still in barn with my fencing tools. 


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I've worn one for 30 years, still do. Exceptional for any hunting (especially grouse and rabbit) when briars are the primary cover; sitting in a cold (20>single digits F) blind with a 850 down fill jacket used as a liner is absolutely perfect warmth, no wind or moisture penetrates; I fell into a knee deep SD prairie pothole gumbo with the coat and pants on and stayed dry (long story); walked across an open field with wind temperatures taking it down to -14 and stayed perfectly warm (you do have to keep moving or the waxed tin stuff gets real stiff, lol) etc.; for kicks when I got back to the barn I took the tin cloth pants and coat off, let them lay for a few minutes and then bloused out the pants and coat and stood them up on their own outside the door, lol. Overall its an exceptional product if you like that kind of coverage.  And strangely enough when I wear it around town, young'ns often ask "where did you get that coat, I'd like to get one..", guess there is a cool factor also, lol!

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I just ordered and received the Extra Long Tin Coat.



It is just a jacket without many bells and whistles. I am using it to replace the usual Carhartt I wear from December-March.

So far I really like it. Blocks wind and thorns. To vent it I do same as a Carhartt, I open a few buttons.

I don't think I would wear it above 50 degrees. It is nicely built and look forward to many years of use.


I agree there are other alternatives to this old style material...but I did not like them.


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