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.22 Pistol As Blank Gun?

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I used crimp " acorn" blanks, easier to extract than Ramset blanks. Cleaning cylinder walls with solvent and a brass brush will help.  Blanks leave more residue than regular .22 rounds, IMO. Like Greg Hartman, fire it behind my back into the ground after getting the pup focused on something. Luckily my wife doesn't object to doing this inside if the weather is bad. She helps with the pup by showing him a wing or pigeon or other while I go  a distance away. 


A  blank gun chambered for shot shell primers works well, though primers are unobtanium now. The noise is sharp inside. 


A pro retriever trainer I knew brought his .22 revolver to Canada for dog training.  Didn't end well. 

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I'm using my 22 S&W revolver and started with 22 "acorn" crimp blanks, moved up to the CCI short blanks and now the Winchester 22 short black powder blanks which I think are supposed to be the loudest. None of them jam. Before this I was using primed 38 cartridges in a snubnose and they would jam. The primers would back out ever so slightly and opening the cylinder was a PITA. I havent reloaded in a long time and these were old primed cases so I didnt have the energy to troubleshoot just moved on to the 22 blanks. I have a CC permit so everything is legal. Probably going to move up to 28 gauge when we start training again with live birds at the end of the month.

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