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Deer Carcus trail cam pictures

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I put a trail camera on a road kill deer  in my corn field.  Got some interesting shots.  20 years ago an eagle in this area was unheard of.

Eagle 2-21-21.JPG

Eagle 2-21-21-2.JPG

Eagle and Red Tail.JPG

eagle and hawk.JPG

Redtail hawk fight.JPG

Redtail hawk.JPG

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1 hour ago, D. Case said:

Fox 2-14-21.jpg

coyote 2-2-21.jpg


Pouncing like it was going to get away!


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Those are great. Always neat what shows up at a bait pile. Years ago I had a garbage bag of cleaned pheasants. The first visitor that night was a GHO. In the morning the crows were next followed by a fox the second night. A coyote showed up the third night but the fox had already removed and buried every scrap.

Bait pile 3 017.JPG

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NW River Mac

I can remember seeing coyotes mousing in Wyoming and they were pouncing just like that.  Very cool pics.

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WI Outdoor Nut

Very cool.  I know of others who have done the same thing over a gut pile and we all now worry about lead fragments for our avian friends.  

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D. Case

Lots of activity at the deer carcus.  For the record, the deer were hit on the road near my dad's driveway. I moved them into the cornfield away from traffic and the possibility of the birds and animals  being hit by a car.  While some would consider it baiting, the deer were available to the birds all along.  I just moved it to safer spot.  I have enjoyed the activity on the trail cam.

eagle and hawk sparring.jpg

Eagle standing-1.jpg

Hawk landing 2-28-1.jpg

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D. Case

In the month or so I've had the camera on the deer I've had  up to four eagles, three species of hawks, a Turkey Vulture, Great Horned Owl,  crows and other black birds, robins, blue jays,  squirrels, skunks, possums, racoons, foxes, coyotes and live curious deer. 

crows (2).JPG

Eagle and Hawk 2-28-1.jpg

eagle yelling.JPG

Fox and possum stand off.JPG


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