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are you a yuppie hunter?

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Another question - what would you call a grown man who *just* started hunting birds, buys a new fancy gun every other week, gets a fancy new dog, buys all the fanciest new toys, rents fancy cabins and yet makes fun of people who have been hunting grouse their entire life, both with and without a dog, shooting one of dad's old guns before more recently buying their own and who happen to like drinking tea?

Jackass comes to mind.

wow, Jeff you almost had me at the jackass part(as far as it being a perfect fit for me :laugh: ) then I had to reread it and I find that excepting that I've been hunting "stuff"since I was 10, all over this country, Kanada and  Europe(like a less educated, not nearly as polite, but much better looking, back in the day, StormGSP) it still sounds like me.  :down:

BTW my 01 has 330k on it,my dogs all have issues, the cabin belongs to my old roommate(and we had to bring travis's wife to clean it, cause brents a slob) and I had to sell all my other fancy guns to buy the new economy fancy guns, cause I couldn't afford the old ones on my "fixed" income,I used to shoot my dads old guns, till I figured out what hunks of crap they were, so I don't get all the fancy stuff :laugh:  :laugh: Guess I'm the "yuppie"

You intrested in seeing some gratuitus pictures of my sports car, guns, cabin, truck, hot nekid girlfriend ??(just kidding about the nekid pic's, they're for sale on ebay, along with my shot out cover #'s)

And as you read this far, to whom were you really refering?? :glare:

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Well, while dove hunting the other day, I wore an old Ducks Unlimited t-shirt with baseball sized holes in the armpits.   Seriously.  So, does that make me a closet yuppie??

Did you get the holes from honest wear or did you buy the shirt that way?

He's a Hoosier his armpits blew through that shirt. Don't ask about his tighty whiteys.

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I think the litmus test to answer this question properly is another series of questions:

Do you drive a minivan?

Where do you stand on of feral cats?

Is a 20ga enough gun to take Pheasants?

But, is it enough to take WILD Pheasants?

Is there a difference between Wild and pen raised pheasants?

Is global warming real?

What is the best bear defense?

What is the best wolf defense?

Bonus Question:

Is walking into a gas station mini-mart to shop while your car takes up a fuel bay a yell-able offense?

Did I miss anything Brad?

Oh yeah.........what would Jesus do? :ghostface:


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Stever, I'll bet you could do a internet search for those answers, and many more.......You have much more free time , in your cubical, :glare:  than those of us trying to jump start the economy, with our spending habits Oo.gif  Oo.gif
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Well, I came home to a catalogue from these guys  J.L. Powell - The Sporting Life sharing space in my mailbox with the October issue of Field & Stream.  I'm so conflicted....   :laugh:

U got to play fair Shaun. I clicked on the link and almost peed myself(and it wasn't from the same age related affliction Gary has :down: ) are you really on thier mailing list?? :oops:  :oops:

oh well, you started this one(ok, I did)


or Lee's favorite


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Hell, there ain't no way I'm a yuppie.

The fact that I sometimes hunt with a 142 year old English shotgun and drive a Subaru Forester is irrelevant.

Hell, I'm a South Carolina redneck.  I like single malt Scotch a whole lot, but it can't hold a candle to good old southern stomp (aka 'shine - sold by the mason jar).

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Although I shoot a sxs, I can't be a yuppie hunter because I drink cheap beer (not the latest microbrew) and drive an american vehicle.

So what you are saying is that if you drank Corona and drove a Toyota you'd be a yuppie.....interesting......

I drink Corona (it's cheap beer) but if your toyota is a Landcruiser.... well maybe a yuppie

Corona is a luxury item. Talk to me about cheap beer when you buy kegs of Natural Ice for $35.

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I have called Uplander, Yuplander, before. But in good fun and it is about time I come clean.

If I could afford to be a Yuppie Hunter I most certainly would be. (Though I'm cheap, so "afford" would mean quite a sizable income).

My 1958 A5 Sweet Sixteen is a poor mans yuppie gun. It would be an rbl if I could afford on, or an old Fox.

My Cabela's waxed cotton pants are the poor mans Filson's. You bet they would be the real deal.

My 4cyl Regular Cab Tacoma would be a Landcruiser.

My Cabela's boots would be Russel's (this would be the hardest trade to make, I love my boots).

My apartment would be a cabin in Vermont.

Though I doubt I would be much happier. Life is good.


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