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Stream trout recipes

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They wanted to catch a landlocked salmon on a fly rod so I took them to GLS.


Then I suggested we try for some little brookies on 2 weights which is my fave




.IMG_4511.PNG.cd96ca4399af3a8d5246cc1952487192.PNG I also made them doughnuts in the morning.... 



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Gutted, cooked whole.  Lemon, pepper, dill, maybe some olive oil.  Open fire.  Leave the head on - as with most fish, the cheeks are the best part. 

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Variation on Brook trout in foil recipe:


Gut, leave head and tail on, put chopped onions in body cavity, plus pat of butter cut into chunks, season with Lowrey's Season Salt or other favorite, no seasoning is OK but bland.  Seal in two layers of foil, cook alongside embers of wood fire, not on top of flames.  



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