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Latest and greatest shot shells?

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Federal blue box because I'm cheap and they work.   #3's and 4's most of the time for me, but we don't get a lot of "big" ducks.   Geese, I like #1's and 2's, leaning more #1's.  I feel I get a better pattern with 1's than bb's.   However, if the geese are working close, #3's and focusing on head shots will do some serious work. 

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42 minutes ago, 67galaxie said:

I like the Boss and Backridge bismuth. RST for my older guns

 Do you know that Boss will make fiber wad loads for you on request? These are lower pressure, of course.

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If you can find the last two issues of Retriever Journal there's an article where Tom Roster breaks down the differant Non-Tox shot. PM your address and I will mail the June July magazine the second in the series, if you're interested. The article has Larry Brown interviewing him.

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