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Did my first whole pig for a neighborhood block party. 

All the other families pitched in toward the cost of it.  We ended up getting a 35lber because it's the biggest that can fit in my smoker. 


Took about 7.5 hours running 225-250 using cherry wood for fuel.
Also did a 15lb brisket for anyone that doesn't like pork. 


We had a ton of food.. way too much and everyone had a great time. 

Good to live somewhere with good fun people. 










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Mike da Carpenter

Great way to get neighbors together.

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WOW...color me impressed...You are a brave soul to go in whole hog and I mean that...Nice going...bet it was delicious!

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Great work ! this is on my list. I'm shooting for some time in August.  I was planning on making a pit with cinder blocks expanded metal and corrugate tin, finding a small pig

65ish lbs. and cooking with oak.

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