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A rainy day question. Do you use nicknames for your dogs?

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19 hours ago, TimJ said:

I call my dog 'Pup' all the time. To the point that people ask me how old my pup is and I have to explain that he is 7 years old and that I call him, and many other dogs, 'Pup' all the time. The name he responds to best is 'DOG!' That is like someone's mother using their middle name.


I actually have to call some of my sisters' dogs nicknames now because he has learned their names. I'm sure soon he will figure out that B-dog is Bella. 

Yes, I call all dogs but mine,pup. I was at a Hunt Test or Trial and said, "Hey there pup!" to what was clearly an older dog sniffing my pant leg. The owner went wild, telling me the age and proper size. This person and I were familiar to one another.


Just goes to prove that I can piss anyone off at anytime.


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This little girls name is Dixie, I got her from Maurice Lindley in S.C., one of my better dog buying decisions.  When she was young, say 1-3 years old she would not pass up the opportunity to wrestle

Dot, Dottie and DoeTroe... and some other things when she's out at 700 yards and going!     Ellie, Ellie Mae Clampett, Ellard May and Elton John (when she's been a ROCK STAR!).

Fletcher...my 5 year old granddaughter calls him "Fletchie", the rest of us often call him "Fletch", and a former UJ'er friend calls him "Dug".  I use plenty of other names for him at times, but none

Posted Images





Silly Boy



I had a lady ask me the other day at the off leash area if I really named him Goofy as he ran past her. I probably should tighten up my commands a bit, I may get better results. 

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You can add a "ster" or just "er" to just about any name I've found.  And at least for mine, tone of voice is more important than what I actually say. 

Cody- Codester, blockhead, he's (ahem) "affectionately" known at the vet as "Crazy Cody" and for some appt's it has to be me taking him not my wife. 

Dizzy- Dizzer, little girl, pretty girl, butt shaker, muppet, crazy girl. 


Both have been known to my wife as "What the he** is wrong with that dog?"

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  Alma (Drahthaar);

Spawn or Spawny (as in spawn of the devil)

  Bianca (Drahthaar):


  Tara (Teckel)


Two-twos (wife calls her that

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Willow: Mama-dog, Sparky (looks like a Dalmatian when shaved down)


Scarlet: Smooch, Da Smooch (with chagrin)


Journey: J-dog, J-diggidy-dog, Diggy-dog, Diggs, Didyoushitinthebasement?

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We have a few for Gracie,


Gracie-Layne (Layne is my 2 legged daughters middle name)






When she was a pup, she was often called Crack Puppy. That one has faded away as she grew up some. 


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Schultz is mostly Schultzy or the Vonce (Yiddish for small annoying person).


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B Girl



Beller Weller Butt Hole Smeller



Gus Gus



Gusolina Rosenbaum



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Big dog (60lb golden) and little dog (33 lb setter).

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Raider ... Tater


Tuukka .....TUUK 

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Mike Elliott

My wee girl Izabella is "Izzy" or "little dog" as she is a very small pointer @ 20kgs dripping wet


Our old girl Grace has always been  "Baby Girl" and "nanny" when Izzy arrived home.


Our recently departed boy Chester was always "Chester Bear" or just plain "Bear" or when we got Izzy he became "pops"


Its funny just like humans they get names but then things "evolve" as they live with us.


I really wish they had longer lives.........................................................................................






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Sophie is Soph.  My wife calls her shi*head.  Gracie is Grace.  

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I just use their call names... Ted, Andy, Rock, Buddy, and Cody.

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aka  Doppler Radar 

Most often: Bonehead!



10-14-15 (1).JPG

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