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tut, I've seen reports of $20,000 over MSRP at some dealers on the West Coast. Never thought I'd be happy to hand over MSRP and $599 for "document" preparation on a vehicle.  OTOH, the margin of insurance payout for the old 4R's value plus Ga. Taxes should make this purchase a bargain.  The value of the 2016 has increased considerably since my purchase two years ago this month because of the near non-existent supply and increased demand for used 4Rs. My XP had 59,737 miles on it and the 6 years/60K warranty expired late August.

Just this morning my old trusty steed was hauled to the knacker's  yard.  Gil


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In keeping with my late 4Runners wishes, I re-4Runnered today.  I found a 2022 TRD Off Road at a dealership in Charleston, SC.  They are scarce.  Gil  

But it may be the best time in history to NOT have to find an open bed in an ICU somewhere.   

That's true as to a used vehicle.  However, my 4Runner has increased in value.   Insurance proceeds, regardless if paid by collision, third party liability or uninsured or underinsured coverage will g

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