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My 200i review

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I recently bought a 200i.  It’s certainly underwhelming.


The good:  The ability to toggle between multiple dogs and use the E-collar is it’s best feature.  I really like this feature.  The unit is lighter, slimmer, and has a slightly better screen.  It isn’t as cumbersome as the 100.  The SOS feature and ability to text with subscription is nice.


The Bad:  Its pricy for a couple useful features.  The touch screen does work with gloves.  The UI is pretty much the antiquated 100 UI.


The Ugly:  No ONX compatibility.  This is not cool, especially for the price point.  Some units have trouble with pin pointing dogs.  No issues from mine though.


If you run two dogs and don’t mind paying for the convenience of quick toggle between dogs, it is nice.  If you’re running one dog, I’d strongly recommend saving money on the 100 alpha.

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