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DIY Prairie Trip Complete

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Almost home from my first prairie grouse trip. Those birds are special and not bad on their table either. A few highlights were my dog pointing a group of about 10 birds that were sunning on a sandhill from 60 yards, my buddy’s pup retrieving his first wild bird on my first sharptail, and my dog relocating an injured bird 800+ yards from where it took some lead. 

Thank you to those UJers who gave me specific advice and also to those that pushed me to “just go”. I made some memories I won’t soon forget. DBDCB079-32B5-4DF4-92D4-2DAE63E2E1CC.thumb.jpeg.d25fb050d941c8750371e76db5b0decd.jpeg




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Congrats on your 1st prairie grouse trip. Looks like a great time was had by all!


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The worst day on the prairie is better than staying home. FACT

Glad you made the trip!

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