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MassWildlife Public Hearing on pheasant/quail Sept 28

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For those interested in proposed changes to Massachusetts pheasant and quail hunting. 

I have fond memories of hunting wild quail on the Cape in the late 70's and 80's. Those days are long gone.


Public hearing scheduled for proposed pheasant and quail hunting regulation changes
MassWildlife is holding a public hearing on September 28. Proposed regulations would establish a pheasant/quail permit, eliminate seasonal bag limits, remove rooster-only restrictions, and eliminate registration for pheasant hunting at Martin Burns WMA.


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Had a interesting conversation with Mass Wildlife about this a couple weeks ago. 


in typical Mass Wildlife fashion…. The decisions on these changes are already made and the public hearing is strictly for show.


We’re getting a $5 pheasant stamp, and no seasonal bag limit. Sounds like the pheasant stamp will increase in price over the next few years.  


No chance of extending the pheasant season into Dec to allow hunters to cleanup any leftover pheasant like CT allows. God forbid there’s shotgun Deer hunters and upland hunters with dogs out at the same time. 






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