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Seems to be a banner year for Porky's.

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A lot of places on the Montana prairie are infested with porkies. I think that every one of my dogs has been 'porked' once or twice. After that they stand well off and point them or simply 'blink' them.


Porkies love wind breaks, tule rushes in swampy spots, clumps of berry bushes, etc. and you may meet one at any time.


I used to kill them. But once, while hunting with Dennis Kavanaugh of Montana Bird Hunts he asked me not to kill any porkies. It seems that dead porkies are a treat for many dogs, who will roll in the decaying mess and get seriously quilled. So I quit shooting them. Besides, shooting them makes the dogs think that they are game and he will often include them in the hunt, rather than ignore them.

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