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Montana Report and Question

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Just now, quailguy said:

Damn right; the local chicken farm is all mine!

Where did you say you were parked???

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The legislature passed a law mandating a program to release pheasants on various game management areas to enhance young hunters chances at success. There is/was (not sure if it's still ongoing) a rele

I always try to leave before the pheasant opener. More hunters, different demographic.

Where did you say you were parked???

The opener isn't all bad.  I'll still be right in the middle of it.  It's just a drastic increase over anything seen hunting sharpies.  Even the guy that I mentioned that I felt cut me off seemed friendly, just not very smart.  I'm also getting grumpier the older that I get so could just be me.


I've probably been cussed before myself.  Kassie got a little excited on the opener a few years ago and decided to go help someone else but blew through a rooster ahead of the guy.  He was pissed and I was embarrassed as heck.  I think he was ready to give me a piece of his mind but realized how embarrassed I was.  He probably still gave me hell to his buddies, and rightfully so.


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