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The Ladies of Summer

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Tomorrow 09-25 is opening day of Maine's ruffed grouse season. One we are sadly going to miss. But honestly after venturing into the temperate rain forest we call our local woods this morning with the yellow dogs I do not feel deprived.


This photo is a warning and a blessing.

The warning I see in Gracie's eyes (L). This three and a half year old never quits. Even at sit she is poised and ready. Like a primer to a shot charge. I'm the extra long barrel needed to get as much powder burn as possible.

The blessing is in Belle's eyes (R). This eight year old is in her prime. There is a lot of knowledge behind those beady black eyes. Thankfully for me she knows how to pace herself.


This morning they found low tide in the estuary. Thick black stick to your ribs mud. It has its own odor.


October first will find us in northern NH and the week of the 11th in northern ME. Both above the 45th.


It has been a good summer but we are ready for the change. The scenery is going to be fantastic but I can't wait for the smell.


Another season of walking with the yellow dogs is about to commence.



Week before the opener 09-24-2021 web.jpg

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