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Best Laid Plans...dogs screw up

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Been expecting a litter of pups. Doing my due diligence, set up the whelping box in a good spot, taking Zee's temp regularly.  For the past few days and nights kept the little mama Zee in her whelping box with nesting material at night and when I leave for work in the day.

Along comes yesterday,  She eats some bacon and her kibble, temp was 99.1.  Get home from work and she is not in her whelping box or that room, she got out of the gate.  She's not in the house.  Not going to lie, got a little anxious.  I have been closing my bedroom door when I leave for work, checked my bedroom, no dog.  Checking all over.  Go back into the bedroom and hear squeaks.  Sure enough she broke out, I must have left the bedroom door open and then the breeze blew the door shut. 


She made a nest in my bedroom closet and had 9 healthy little squirmers in the back of my closet.  Mama and pups are doing great.  Of course 6 males and 3 females.  5 black and white 4 liver and white.


Introducing the NFC FC AFC Solo x ZEE litter.  Can't upload pics.  When I figure out how, I will post a couple.


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Congrats. My wife and I were just discussing whether to have one of our females bred or not. They are seven years old now and are progeny from the last litter I whelped. Not an easy decision. Can’t wait to see your pics. 

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