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Porkys redux

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The west has some of the biggest porcupines I have ever seen.

While hunting with Greg and his amazing Brittany pair we ran into one of them. Jack, my setter, made a half hearted point and then I think it was Bliss dove in for the kill followed by Jack. They both soon learned that it was not a good idea. Both had about 8 or 10 quills in their muzzles. Not a bad encounter at all.

Here’s the rest of the story. Next day Jack has his nose way up in the air, looking. I soon see a prehistoric size Porky walking through the grass, not a tree or shrub in sight. I try to deflect Jack, but he goes in charging, realizes his mistake at the last minute and goes ass over tea cup right on top of the damned Porky. I’m thinking this will be a mess, results were again only about 10 quills. So I am pulling Jack away while I shoot at the Porky with one hand. Get him about 15 ‘ away and lay dow my gun and start pulling quills. SomI hear something in the weeds and here is the monster running straight at me full speed, well as fast as a quill pig can run. I turn and yell and the damn thing stops right on top of my shotgun!  I yell again and he jukes off to the right, I grab the shotgun and assume a defensive posture and send him to the land of endless forests. 
Worthy of Outdoor Life’s, “ This happened to me”.

Anyway that’s my Porky attack story.

ps, I hate to shoot something with no reason, but Porky’s get no quarter from me. Snakes will but not Porky’s.

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Greg Hartman

I was hopin' you would tell the story of the porky charge.  Must admit, I nearly $hit my pants when you shot that porky.


Joy and Bliss found another bear cub size porky yesterday.  They pointed, but did not attack it.  Maybe they learned their lesson??  I did not shoot it, because I did not want them to think I want porkies in the bag.

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Greg, glad they learned a valuable lesson. We’ll see if Jack learned.

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