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Porkies Redux x 2 or is it 3?

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Went North for the first weekend of the season on Saturday. 10 minutes in, I hear my 3 yr old EP bark. Sh!!T! Called him in, yup. Porkied. Quickest hunt yet. Hate those damned things. Off to the Vets we went as they were all over the inside of his mouth.


Went out today because why not? I live for danger I guess. Didn't run into any porkies, no birds either though. Oh well, good to be hunting again anyhow. Nice weather, perhaps a touch warm but not too bad.  Met a nice group of guys from the Southern Tier up for the weekend, they seemed like they were enjoying themselves.


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Mike I thought of you today with this post. Today was our first day out and as luck would have it Axes first point and then act strange was none other then a porkie. Happened so fast I didn't even hit him with the e-collar. When I saw the critter I started yelling  - No !!! Leave it !!  Axe left it with out issue and even had an alarmed demeanor I felt . I hope and pray he has learned his lesson from when he was quilled as a youngster. My first two shorthairs had. One and done. Not sure how it would have went had I not been there as he was curious about the critter prior.

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