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Montana lodging

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My motel.

It might have softened some but the oil field activity makes housing, motel rooms, cabins, etc in very tight supply. If you don't bring your lodging with you, don't expect to find anything to rent. Ro

This seems like stealth hot spotting! 🤫

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13 hours ago, Don Steese said:

If one considers how much of the world's population lives, an old trailer seems pretty luxurious indeed.


We came back from that hunt and thought why don't more outfitters/ranchers have old trailers out there for hunters to rent during the season.   Most have 3 bedrooms a den/kitchen combo and one bathroom.  Easy to heat and that's a biggie during hunting seasons for sure.   You can buy a used one for almost nothing. 

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I will go back to my earlier post.


While the oil field activity is not as frenetic as it was some years ago, it still grabs up most of the rental lodging available.


Maybe 20 years ago, a friend and three of his friends bought a four bedroom home in a very small town for, I think, $17k. They had to spend some more to make it suit their needs. But for a modest investment, they had a hunting camp. Several years ago, I was surprised to see them camping in a trailer, at the same place I was camped.


It turned out that they were renting the home to an oil field worker, so that that man could have his family with him. The rent was several thousand dollars a month.


So anyone up there looking into getting into the rental business is far more likely targeting that market, rather than hunters. The hunters are really only there for a few weeks a year. If you go up there to hunt in December, there is no one around other than locals and maybe me...if the weather and bird numbers warrant it.

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