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Recurve, Compound or Crossbow and Why?

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My approach to deer hunting is the best easiest to use equipment I can afford to extend my hunting opportunities. Here in RI I can legally use a Savage smokeless ML for deer so I do. For archery I can use a crossbow without a MD note that I medically can't use a "regular" bow so that is what I use. 


Just bought my third crossbow. First was a slow used Barnett. Just replaced my 410 Barnett Ghost with Barnett Hypertac 420. Shot a couple deer with the 410 at close ranges and two coyotes at about 55 yards. Passed on a big buck last year at 55 yards as, at that distance, it is only "pie plate" accurate.  Bought the Hypertac for the narrower/handier width. I find it much much more accurate than the 410. I am confident with it out to 70 yards. At that range max pattern is maybe 6". Cost with cranking mechanism is under $1,000.  I can't see how a faster Ravin could be worth the 2-3x one would cost.


I would be wary about buying a fast used crossbow(my definition means speed of 400+). Talked to a bow technician who told me that he has seen quite a few crossbows where the metal shafts the cams swivel on were bent. So if you do go used make sure new cams and cam shafts, as well as strings, are still available.

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FWIW, I prescribe to the "Uncle Ted Methodology" of using low weight bows and aiming small and missing small.     In Maine the minimum legal weight for a hunting bow is 35 pounds and my trad

Here’s my approach to practice with heavy ( for me ) traditional bows   first thing to recognize is being exceptional at traditional shooting with no sights require a lot of focus  

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It all really depends on what you want out of it.  A cross bow will be easier to become proficient with in the short term; A compound more challenging and a traditional bow even more challenging yet.  I personally hunt with a compound and probably will stay that route for as long as I can.  However, when I feel like I can no longer be proficient I'll have to ask myself if I can still get out of the experience what I want with a cross bow.  There's no right or wrong answer.


If you go the used compound bow route (which I would recommend) you can find some very lightly used one or two year old models out there for short money.  Some guys must have the latest and greatest and trade nearly every year or two.  I can't vouch for the used cross bow market.  Much to my chagrin the used bow market has not been affected like the used gun market...quite the opposite...


I've killed several deer including P/Y bucks from a ground blind in areas where I couldn't find a suitable tree.  I don't care for the early season look around inside the blind when I climb in to see who I am sharing it with but other than that I have nothing negative to say about them.  They have their advantages in some situations but you need to get it out early.

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Passed on a doe at 30 yards with my Barnett Hypertac 420 this week. Angle was dead front. At 420 fps I expect the Rage expandable would have punched right through but it was sunset and I hoped for a broadside shot I didn't get.

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