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2021-22 Pheasant thread

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A tip of the hat to you 20 ga 2.75", #6 shot users, you made a believer out of me. And I screwed in the Cyl. choke today so the A400 is now a powderpuff shooting rooster gun. Even a hard headed Swede can try something different.












Carly's toes are getting beat up from the coarse stems in this pollinator habitat so she is off until Friday. Max is holding up ok and will get a go Wednesday at a farm that hasn't been bird hunted this year. While it's nice to have friends, dogless friends are even better.



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It’s been a fun couple weekends here in Minnesota and I’m really getting a kick out of how much my son is enjoying it. We’ve put a lot of miles on hiking last couple Saturdays. 

I thought some of the MT and ND hunters would have updates before me...but the King can't wait any longer. 😉   South Dakota Resident season. It's hard to believe this is the start

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17 hours ago, Kansas Bound said:

Did some pheasant hunting in Iowa over the holiday weekend. My alpha sounded a point alarm so I rounded the corner to see this standoff. Everyone seemed to be waiting for the first move. 




Clancy and I had a similar experience. He came nose to nose with a big 12 point buck in his bed. I walked in and we all just stayed like that till the buck decided to hit the road.


Cool stuff

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