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PA grouse & woodcock opens this Saturday (Oct. 16th)

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boon hogganbeck



Okay, let's get it out of the way before 5 people show up to say it, there are no grouse in PA, etc., etc., should have been here 30 years ago, etc.


... but who's going out Saturday? How are things looking in your area?   Pretty warm and green here, w/ some rain forecast.  But I've got Monday & Tuesday off, and they look better.  Flush rates were up 20% last year, and I encountered strong bird numbers myself.  Hard to know what this fall will bring.  We had a very cold spring, which helps on the WNV front, but then August and September brought incredible amounts of rain & hot mosquito weather.  We could use a couple hard frosts but they seem a ways off.




A couple other local RGS members and myself are meeting with our local state forester soon, to discuss a couple upcoming grouse projects on central PA state forest & what we can do to support habitat creation, along with a nat'l RGS rep. Good things in the works!  Timber harvest & prescribed burns, in areas where we have birds hanging on (in supposedly grouse-less counties) on public land, places that can't wait another 10 years.  If you're in central PA and want to stay in the loop, shoot me a PM.





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I may go out in the afternoon if it’s not raining as I have a commitment in the morning.


Most of my local covers now have more early successional habitat than they ever had in the recent past so I’m hoping the population responds. 


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I have to head north to winterize my camper, so I'll miss both the early muzzleloader opener AND the grouse opener tomorrow.  My plan is to do both at least a bit next week.

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