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Is this valuable as a collectable?

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2 minutes ago, pa'tridge hunters said:

I'd use it and when I did I'd think of my FIL. The real value to that old stuff is that it belonged to someone we knew.

I appreciate your sentiment, but he ever used this, it was decades before I knew him.  I have several of his guns and a few other items that always remind me of him.  I lucked out in the in-law department, but sadly both were lost in 2020, far too early.  

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Rogue Hunter
8 hours ago, WindyHills said:

If it has any personal value probably worth keeping.  Or you can arrange some of the items in a shadow box type display....those IMO are neat.  I did that with some of my dad's staff--an old Jon-E handwarmer, zebco de-liar, herters calls, etc. 


I was going to say a shadow box, too. I use the top shelf of a lawyers' bookcase as a shadow box. I like the look of it.

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