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Hey "Jersey Boys"

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You guy's may as well give up hunting, E-Bay your guns and take up needlepoint.

The big gun is moving into NJ. Your covers are toast!


Best wishes for success in needlepoint.


ps: Karen; there are no grouse, woodcock, pheasant or even pigeons in New Hampshire. Honest!

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Karen, that is a pretty area. I lived for years on the west side of "Jugtown Mountain", looking into that beautiful Musconetcong River Valley. It was Bethlehem Township. It was nice since I had a brook on the property I could drink from, fruit trees, and no neighbors behind me except the mountain. That said, I like my wilderness here in Maine a bit better!
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We all some how end up back here. Welcome back!

You have a few good points in that neck of the woods.

1. Close state trap range

2. Decent state land to hit during the week

3. Much better pheasant stockings than Pa

4. a few good trout streams: South Branch, Musky and a few wild trout brooks close by.

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Sounds like a nice place you found.  Too bad it's in NJ.  I can't wait to retire next July and get out of here soon after.


I'm on my way to New Hampshire on wednesday, hopefully to put oa downpayment on one of four homes we's narrowed down to.

I'm pushing for 3 bed, 2 bath, open concept, WITH a mere 28 acres bordering the WM national forest...

3 season home to start, then my retirement home to get the hell out of Jersey.


The area you are moving back to is one of the last jewels in the state.  40+ years here is enuff for me, looking for more land, less people, and more dogs.

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We all some how end up back here.


Maybe if I grew up in a different area besides Newark/Elizabeth but the memories are just not that pleasant.

But I do wish you the best in your new home.  :)

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