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The end?

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I am heartbroken.

Perhaps you should consider writing a haiku to express your loss. Nothing wordy though, just keep it simple.

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I am not laughing.

I am trying to let it sink in.  It has left a void.  There are others.  The edge is closer.

When you rely on something and it is taken away................

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Damm, I missed it when SHTF. I told you the villagers would rise up, led by that hinky mayor. Ah well, back to my book. I'm sure there's a plethora of 'look at my funny dog photos', 'I saw this Greater Billed Dinkadoo and had the camera..', 'my dog took a **** backwards, what should I do?', 'What's the best XXXX', 'best/worse pickup', 'isn't this tree lovely?', and 'I get the warm/fuzzies when XXX' threads to keep us going. Add a little bad poetry and I'm there.

I, too, am relieved. Yessiree, relief, that's the ticket.

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