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Just two weeks left I am already getting the shakes. This week was a frosty one here are a few pics from two different days.

I must say this has been one of the most enjoyable Oregon seasons yet... No not the bird numbers although there are plenty and we saw four big 15-20+ bird coveys last week along with a few smaller coveys mixed in . The thing I found is no hunting pressure I have not seen another hunter in the entire month other than the characters I am hunting with and the birds are behaving like they have never seen a dog or human this along with some fantastic dog work has made for a very enjoyable season and there is still time left.










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nice photos BCM and good work on those chukar! I see why you use a bright red collar on your pup, his markings almost make him invisible against the background objects.  That terrain looks very birdy too, based on what I hunt here in CO.

Thanks for the images, I get to wait another 8 months to go out again.

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Great post!!!

Man what a secenic place to hunt..

You have got to be in good shape to hunt that terrain man..

With the spots you have photographed ! no wonder you don't run into other hunters.Those heights could kill ya :p

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