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Top 10 Breed Lists

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Here's a look at Milwaukee's Top 10 breeds as compared to the rest of the country:

      MILWAUKEE 2008                          NATIONWIDE 2008

   1. Labrador Retriever                      1. Labrador Retriever

   2. Golden Retriever                        2. Yorkshire Terrier

   3. German Shepherd Dog                     3. German Shepherd Dog

   4. Rottweiler                              4. Golden Retriever

   5. Boxer                                   5. Beagle

   6. Bulldog                                 6. Boxer

   7. Beagle                                  7. Dachshund

   8. German Shorthaired Pointer              8. Bulldog

   9. Cocker Spaniel                          9. Poodle

   10. English Springer Spaniel                10. Shih Tzu

"With half of its Top 10 dogs hailing from the AKC's Sporting group, Milwaukee's canine preferences clearly lean toward to an active, outdoorsy dog," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "It's unusual to see a German Shorthaired Pointer or English Springer Spaniel on a Top 10 list for any urban area. Plus, Milwaukee is one of the only cities with not a single toy dog on the list."

How about your state?


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And maybe Lisa Peterson or Petperson of the AKC would rue the fact that your "state dog" is nowhere to be found on that list. Which may be not be a "rue-able" thing, as AWS numbers ought to stay tight for bettering the breed.

Of course, I come from a place where an act of the legislature proposed making the pug the state dog, so maybe I should talk. But as state dogs go, and so far (thankfully) non-AKC state dogs at that, may not have a suth'n state itself spreading out before me, but sure got the dog from it...



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1. Labrador Retriever

2. Golden Retriever

3. German Shepherd Dog

4. Yorkshire Terrier

5. Boxer

6. Rottweiler

7. Bulldog

8. Dachshund

9. Poodle **

10. Doberman Pinscher

Charlotte was the closest metro I could find.  I notice that there are more guard dogs on that list.

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The closest city to me is Boston and that is like being on the other side of the moon as far as dogs are concerned.

I feel that if you want to ruin a breed make it a top dog in AKC not because of the good breeders but because of the others that just want to make a buck off the dog and really dont care about the genetics.  Looks like the new Pres is looking at a Portuguese Water Dog as a family pet if that happens then everyone will want one and that will not be good for the breed

Pet Preferences: 1998-2008

Some of the most notable recent trends in the past decade include:

The Bulldog (+69%) and four of its relatives are among the breeds that have increased most significantly over the last decade: Miniature Bull Terrier (+109%), Bull Terrier (+102%), Staffordshire Bull Terrier (+69%) and the Bullmastiff (+22%).

The French Bulldog (+467%), the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (+209%) and the Brussels Griffon (+73%) continue to be among the breeds with the largest increases, likely due to their popularity with urban dog owners who favor portable, apartment-sized dogs.

The Border Collie, often considered among the most intelligent and trainable breeds, and known for its mastery of the highly popular canine sport of agility, saw a significant increase (+50%).

Lesser known breeds that saw an increase include the Ibizan Hound (+74%), Norwich Terrier (+39%) and Bedlington Terrier (+28%).

Large dogs with notable increases are two Swiss breeds – the Bernese Mountain Dog (+78%) and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (+88%) – as well as the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (+117%), which hails from France.

Among breeds on the decline are the Lhasa Apso (-80%), Rottweiler (-76%), Schipperke (-75%) the Basset Hound (-66 %) and, despite its popularity in Sacramento and San Diego, the Miniature Pinscher (-75%).

Portuguese Water Dogs, in the news recently due to the Obama family’s interest in this mid-sized, hypoallergenic breed, is currently ranked 64th and has increased 44% in the past decade–especially appropriate considering Obama is our 44th president.

However another famous presidential pet – the American Foxhound (-75%) – is on the decline. George Washington is credited with developing the breed.

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Two of the more popular pointing breeds won't even show on the radar because they are rarely ever registered with the AKC.

As a Setter/Pointer guy I'm not complaining one bit though. The farther under the radar the better. Frankly I'd be worried if I were a Springer or GSP guy and saw my breed make a top ten popularity ranking with the general public. I wonder what percentage of those dogs were bred for hunting ability vs. pet appeal?

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Both the GSP and the Brittany have been in the top 40 for more than a decade.  The GSP tends to hover around 14,000 registrations per year, and the Brittany has stayed fairly stable in the 8-9,000 registration range.  Such popularity doesn't seem to indicate that the breeds have become popular with just pet set, and both have retained their hunting instincts well.  

On the other hand, as best as can be determined Pointers and Setters tend to hover around the 8,000 registrations per year figure with FDSB.  Crossregistration probably adds another 10-15% to the breeds.  

Unfortunately, AKC has stopped making their actual registation numbers public - instead reverting to these cute but largely meaningless urban lists.

Interestingly enough, the GSP ranks number 5 in Des Moines.  It seems that the breed is popular enough with hunters in the upper midwest to give even the poodles a run for their money in these lists  :p

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I'm happy to say that my state does not contain a Top 50 City and is not represented in the study.  However, besides the ever popular lab, border collies are everywhere here.
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Way to go Springers, hunting in this area I see lots of labs, a

few Springers, lots of shorthairs, and Britts, very few setters to small of covers for them no pointers.

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Milwaukee was at one point the center of the GSP world here in the US.  Whether it's show dogs, dual dogs, field trial dogs, NAVHDA dogs, DKs, etc, etc, you find a very high concentration of foundation kennels and breeders in a area with Milwaukee roughly at the center.  It extended north into Minneapolis, west into Iowa, south into Illinois and east into Michigan.  

I'm not surprised GSPs showed up high on Milwaukee's list.  The same goes with Springers; southern WI has always had a lot of active spaniel breeders and clubs.

Interestingly enough, the GSP ranks number 5 in Des Moines.

Might want to check that Dave; no GSPs on my list for Des Moines.

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Top ten here in SW Louisiana are:

1. Labrador

2. Labrador

3. Labrador

4. Labrador

5. Labrador

6. Labrador

7. Labrador

8. Labrador

9. Labrador

10. Chesapeake

(Ok, so I lied about Chessies making the list.)

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You're right.  The GSP was number five in the 2007 list for Des Moines if I read this correctly.   Apparently it has been bumped off this year.  However, the GSP is in the top ten in Omaha, Kansas City, and Denver as well as Milwaukee - if I'm reading the right list this time.  .  

Kind of surprised it didn't make the list in Phoenix and Tucson - it has to be close to top ten.

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General popularity,the potential death of usefulness and stability. It's nice to see springers andgsp's on a list. I suppose the springers are mostly, show/pet stock, I think they should be classed a different breed at this point. I notice quite a few shorthairs in the back of cars riding around this area. Don't know if all are hunters or not. I'd say the top two in this area are 1. Mutt on chain in yard. 2. Mutt not on chain in everybody but owner's yard.
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Just wait till a Foxhound (American), presently last on the list, wins one of the big dog shows....It will zoom right up there.

Or, if Disney gets a hold of one and makes it a star (animated or otherwise), it's in big trouble.

I'm always grateful when a Brittany is not included in Best of Show....Don't want it to become a designer dog.

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I think hunters make up about 10% of the population (give or take a little bit). Of those hunters I would be shocked to learn more than 50% are bird hunters who actually own bird dogs.

So you've got less than 5% of the general population as bird dog owning hunters, and I bet that number is even lower in major metro areas.

I would bet some donuts that of any breed showing on a "top ten" list of a major metropolitan area, well less than 50% of those dogs get hunted. You can certainly debate if thats a good thing or not. Personally I don't think popularity completely ruins a breed, but I do think it harms more than it helps.

The one hidden benefit I see is that I know quite a few people get interested in bird hunting AFTER they buy a hunting breed.

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