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New puppy

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My boy and I took a long trip up nort' this last weekend to pick out our new hunting partner.

It's been way too long - I forgot what puppy breath smells like.



puppy fight!


it's going to be interesting in the woods this fall


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Very cool......yea, there's nothing like puppy breath.  

P.S. Like your pic at the bottom of your post, that should pretty well sum it up.



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Excellent!  The grouse are already shaking in thier boots.  The pictures are great.  Keep us posted on all the ups and downs to come.


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WI Brookie Guy

Hey, Hoover -- better reserve your spot at the ol' huntin' shack, you're gonna be posting a lot of photo-essays here with Stella being the focus (pun intended) and you'll need a bunk to sleep in.

I can see us having the ol' setter versus Brittany debate carrying on in the grouse woods for years to come as our respective puppies mature together.  Good job, old man!

BTW, I like this picture, too:


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