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New Pups

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Hi guys!  Been awhile since I have been on.  If you remember I had to put my 3 year old GSP down because it attacked and killed my 5 year old boys dog.

Well here is the story, I ended up buying a English setter out of Utah.  Went and hunted behind the stud dog and he was great.  Actually had a bird in his mouth making a retrieve and ended up pointing another bird while on his way back from making the retrieve.  It did this twice.  I was sold.  LOL!  

A local guy that knows me and hear about my story of having to put my shorthair down came by with a truck load of vizsla puppies and said to take one.  I told him no thanks that I just bought a setter pup but I really appreciated.  That is when I ended up losing the battle.  My son reached in the truck and said I will take this one dad, I said no and he told me in no uncertain terms that this was his dog because mine killed his.  His mom said he got you there.  So now I have 2 pups in the house now.  I have to tell you I thought it was going to be horrible but it really isn't.  They are both awesome.  My son's vizsla is a huge cuddler.  He has to be right next to you.  When the call them velcro dogs they mean it.  My setter is nothing like him, she like a little attention but can do with out.  Just last week I introduced them to piegons and they both pointed the bird.  It is fun playing with two.  I thought it would be horrible but it isn't.  They get along and are pals.  I can say that both my wife and I are really enjoying them.  If I can I will try and down load some pics and show you guys.  It has been a long time since I have done that so I might need some coaching on how to do it.



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drummer's stump
your boys vizsla will in tip top form when your boy starts hunting. I got my first bird dog when I was five. my springer was a little protective of me. when I got in trouble I would just go stand by the dog. my mom hated that dog :devil:
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Great story!

I've found raising two pups at once to be easier than raising one. The pups tucker each other out during play time, and they comfort each other when it's time to go to sleep.

Less wimpering and whining = more sleep for me. More rambunctions play = more sleep for them. They'll even be competitive at chow time and will eat better as a result.

Enjoy those pups!

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